Dua and Wazifa To Make Husband Listen To You as Wife in Islam

dua for husband to listen to wife in English

Wazifa To Make Husband Listen To You

If you’re one of those married women whose husbands do not listen to them and amongst those women who husband do not obey their wives, then hold on!! If you’re really fed up of making your husband realize that what things are wrong for him and what is right for him because he simply turns a deaf ear to you, then you need to recite the wazifa to make husband listen to you. With the help of this wazifa, your husband will surely turn responsible and will give your opinions respect and will start listening to you.

The dua to make husband listen to me should be recited with a true heart. Marriage is about a number of big and small things. It’s giving you the right to be heard by your husband and to hear your husband. But, if your husband tries to dominate you and doesn’t give any importance to what you say, then it is important that you recite the wazifa to make husband listen to you. When you recite this wazifa, it will change the mind and heart of your husband. He will start listening to you and obey things which you say.

Dua To Make Husband Listen To Me

Dua To Make Husband ListenJust like a wife does continuous efforts and treats her husband like a king, a husband should also treat his wife like a queen. But if your husband is rude and arrogant and treats you like a submissive, then you should recite the dua to make husband listen to me. The dua is very powerful and will bring a change in the nature of your husband. It will give you the liberty to win over the love and trust of your husband, restrain him from cheating on you and get complete control on him.

When you spend a long time with your husband, then you get the right to have equal say in matters. But most of the time, husbands do not allow their wives to say anything. The wazifa to make husband listen to you will give you all the rights to make your husband listen to your statements and agree with most of them. The dua to make husband obedient will give you a control over your husband and create affection in his heart for you. Your husband will lose his dominant behavior and will treat you equally.

Wazifa To Make Husband Listen To You

Wazifa To Make Husband Listen To You Muslim culture is a male dominating society. Thus, very less preference is given to women here. However, with the help of dua for husband to listen to wife in English will help you get an equal position in your house. Your husband will not just listen to you, but will give you respect and liberty to have complete say in each and every matter.

The dua for husband to listen to wife in English is mentioned below –

Recite this dua mentioned below 41 times daily for 33 days continuously and then make a dua for your husband to listen to you and make things good between you two.

The dua is “Kul In Kuntum Tuhibbunal Laaha Fat Tabe Uni Yuhbibkumul Laaho Wa Yagfir Lakum Zunu Bakum Wal Laaho Gafurur Raheem

Dua and Wazifa To Make Husband Listen To You as Wife in Islam
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Wazifa To Make Husband Obedient – Powerful Dua and Wazifa To Control Husband

Wazifa To Control My Husband

Wazifa To Make Husband Obedient

We have often seen that in some marriages there is not a good and romantic relationship between husband and wife. The behavior of husband towards his wife is generally very rude. The husband don’t respect his wife and act in a very violent way with her, some husbands are physically as well as mentally abusive to their wives. This bad behavior of husband leads to the end of marital relationship or the wife ends up suffering for her entire life. If wives want to save themselves from this situation they need to perform wazifa to make husband obedient. By doing this wazifa to make husband obedient, a wife can make her husband submissive and can make her marital relationship much better.

Powerful Wazifa To Control My Husband 

wazifa to make husband obedientLots of wives are getting irritated today with daily clashes with their husbands. Some husbands have habit of drinking alcohol and then fighting with their wives. They treat their wives very badly. It becomes very tough for the wife to continue such a relationship. To prevent herself from such a situation, a wife needs to control her husband. There is a powerful wazifa to control my husband by which wife can have power over her husband. How to perform powerful wazifa to control my husband?

  • First of all wife should make ablution.
  • The wife should perform this wazifa after reading esha namaz.
  • The wife should recite durood –e-tunjeena, forty times.
  • After that say the name of your husband three times.
  • Then pray to Allah pak.
  • Do this wazifa for seven days.
  • In sha Allah you will be able to control your husband.

Dua For Controlling Husband in Quran

Similarly, there is also a dua for controlling husband in Quran. This dua for controlling husband in Quran is – “Hasbun Allahu Wanimal Wakeel”    هاسبون الله وانيمال واكيل

By reciting this dua a wife can control her husband. Today lots of wives are worried by their husband harsh attitude towards them. Their husbands are engaged in lots of wrong activities such as taking drugs, smoking, and doing illegal business, adultery, etc. when such husbands return to their home in the evening from their office they behave really badly with their wives. They abuse their wives and some husbands even raise their hands on their wives which ultimately disturb the marital relationship between husbands and wives and make it more difficult.

Dua For Love TO Get From Husband

But wives need not to worry by reciting this dua for love to get from husband. She can get her husband love with the help of the powerful dua for love to get from husband; it is one of the best dua for getting husband lost love back. It is one of the most effective dua in Islam as it provides accurate results. The wife should also take assistance from Islamic professionals to learn the correct way to make prayers. Practice the wazifa correctly and if Allah grants, your husband will also start respecting you, soon & this will also improve the relationship. For any assistance, our helpless sisters can contact us anytime.

Wazifa To Make Husband Obedient – Powerful Dua and Wazifa To Control Husband
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