Powerful Surah Dua For Spouse Love

 Dua For Spouse Love

Marriage is a bond of love between two partners. It is a long journey with your spouse. To make this journey last forever, it is essential to have the love of your spouse and enjoy the marital bliss. Some times there are issues which arise between the couple like lack of understanding, ego, constant fights and disputes, adding bitterness into your life. If you are going through the same situations with your spouse and wish to get back the love of your spouse then you may recite the dua for spouse to win back his heart. This dua for spouse not just brings the spouse back to you but will also evoke the feelings of affection in his heart and add sweetness in your married life.

Powerful Dua For Spouse Love

There are instances in your life when your spouse no longer finds interest in you, you don’t seem to look attractive in his eyes and wants to deviate his ways from you. Some times the situation become so intense that it leads to break up or divorce. It hurts your feelings deep inside and you are left broken. If you are sorrowful at this time of life and wish to get the love of your spouse back, then you may perform this strong and powerful dua for spouse love to get the love of your spouse. This dua would help you in getting the love of your spouse and draw him closer towards you.

 Surah Dua For Spouse Love

You may perform the following Wazifa for Spouse Love to win your spouse back in your life. After performing Isha Namaz recite 2 rakhat salat on Monday night.

Recite Surah ad Duha for 10 times after reciting al Fatihah.

This strong and powerful Wazifa brings harmony in your relations and strengthen the bond of love between you and your spouse.

Dua For Spouse True Love

Dua For Spouse True Loves

As a wife, you have a sole right to get your spouse love and there is nothing wrong in it unless you are carrying a pure intention in your heart. After performing the Wazifa you may recite this dua for spouse love to unite with your partner.Now recite the following Dua


After reciting the dua pray to Allah (swt) to shower his blessings upon you and get the love of your spouse.                                                       

You may recite the given Dua  to win back the heart of your spouse. The Dua for spouse love is as follows.




Dua Tarika For Spouse Love

This dua Tarika for spouse love would certainly help you in acquiring the love of your spouse and add sweetness in your relationship. Allah (swt) will bestow upon you his blessing and endow your relationship with love, compassion and kindness of your spouse and restore the same faith and love in your relationship.

Powerful Surah Dua For Spouse Love
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