Shadi Rokne Ki Dua and Totka – Ruki Hui Shadi ke Liye Wazifa

Shadi Rokne Ki Dua and Totka

In arrange marriages, couples do not know a lot about each other. Everything is managed by the family members. Thus, couples do not get enough time interact and understand each other. Just for the happiness of the family, they have to carry out the relation. Under such circumstances, a sense of doubt, insecurity and fear arises between the couples. If you’re under such situation, then you can go for shadi rokne ka totka and free yourself from a troublesome relationship. Sometimes couples getting married do not have a good understanding and such relationships are bound to fail in a short span of time. Thus it is wise to end such marriages before they could turn disastrous. With the shadi rokne ki Dua, you get easily get rid of this trouble. No matter whether the marriage has been fixed and date has been given, you can still perform the totka to stop the marriage. Once you do the amal, you will see that situations happen which result in the cancellation of the wedding.Shadi Rokne Ki Dua

Kisi Aur Ki Ya Apni Shadi Rokne Ke Liye Dua

You can also go for shadi rokne ke liye dua to break your marriage. if your family is forcing you to get married to someone you don’t want, then reciting the shadi rokne ki dua is perfect solution for you. The dua is so efficient that it can break engagements and even prohibit marriage on its very day. On the contrary, you can also perform this dua to prevent your lover from getting married to someone else. If you love a person and he/ she is getting married forcefully by his/ her parents, then with the shadi rokne ki dua, you can cancel out the unwanted relation. If you pray to Allah (swt) with a clean heart daily, then He shall listen to your wishes. But, you need to remember that the totka is done for a good purpose.

Shadi Rokne ka TotkaAmidst all this, it is advisable to contact an Islamic specialist who could guide you through the process and provide you with the right totka to attain success. On the contrary, there are cases, when girls and guys want wazifa and dua for their ruki hui shadi. A lot of times, engagement is done but marriage is not happening in a relationship. For such situations, it is very important that you go for ruki hui shadi ki dua. With this dua, you can easily get married to your fiancé and spend a happily married life together.

The powerful ruki hui shadi ke liye wazifa does wonders. With a good faith in Allah (swt), you will surely get success. Remember Allah (Swt) is with you and you can seek help from him by means of dua and wazifa. Speak to an Islamic specialist and discuss your problem. They will guide you with reference from Quran and Hadith.

Shadi Rokne Ka Wazifa in Islam

  • Make sure you pray all the obligatory prayers of the day.ruki hui shadi ke liye wazifa
  • And after every namaz, you have to recite “Ya Fattahu” 313 times
  • Once you’re done, pray to the Almighty for your instant marriage.
  • Insha Allah you will get success.

Remember there is nothing wrong in doing something good. If you’re unhappy with your relationship, then it is good that you break it before marriage to void future troubles. And if you really wish to get married, then it is important that you take care of all the hurdles that come in between. Just talk to a Muslim astrologer and share your problem with them. They shall provide you with apt advice for the situation.

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