Qurani Ayat for Husband Wife Love in Urdu – Ayat For Good Husband

Qurani Ayat For Husband Wife Love

Today, there are lot of wazifa and dua for increasing love between wife and husband. Some dua or ayat are also used to remove the differences between husband and wife. Before performing any wazifa, we should analyze what is the basic reason of disunity between a husband and his wife. The major answer is aspirations caused by shaitan. To protect ourselves from shaitan, we need the help of the ayat for husband wife love. This ayat for husband wife love removes all the differences between husband and wife.

Qurani Ayat For Getting Husband Love in Urdu

Qurani Ayat For Getting Husband Love in UrduThis qurani ayat for husband love in Urdu is beneficial for love relationships in lot of ways. This qurani ayat for husband love in Urdu increases love between husband and wife. If husband and wife wants that the love between them should improve they should punctually recite Quran in their home. When couples will punctually recite Quran in their home, Allah Pak will shower his blessings on that couple and will protect them from shaitan by sending angels to that house. And if the Quran will not be recited punctually then shaitan will get full opportunity to create misunderstanding between husband and wife.

Ayat For Love Between Husband and Wife in Quran

This ayat for love between husband and wife should be performed by every couple. How to perform ayat for love between husband and wife isgiven below –

  • First of all, the person should read “Bismillahir Rahman-nir-Rahim 786 times.
  • After that read “Surah Annisa” 71 times.
  • Then read Surah Yasin seven times.
  • After that read Surah al Quraysh 3 times and blow your breath on roses. That rose should be smelled by both husband and wife.
  • After that this ayat should be read by both husband and wife –


كول إن كونتوم توه يب بو نا لاها فات تابي يوني يو بيبكو مول لهو وا ياجفير لاكوم ‘أونوباكوم والاهو غافورورو رحيم.

  • After this pray to Allah Pakk.
  • In sha Allah the love between husband and wife will improve.

Qurani Ayat For Good Husband in Islam

Qurani Ayat For Good Husband in IslamThe Qurani ayat for good husband are very helpful. The qurani ayat for good husband helps the wife in getting good husband. The wife should pray to Allah Pak everyday for getting good husband. The relationship between husband and wife should like be eye and hand if eye will cry then there should be a hand to wipe those tears. Every wife wants that her husband should love her and respect her. But some husbands are very rude and violent. They don’t respect their wife. They treat their wives very badly. There is no love between such couples. If such wives want to save their relationship they need the help of this ayat. They should also take assistance from Molvi Ji so that they can perform the wazifa in the correct manner.

Rest everything depends on Allah Pak’s will. Hopefully, the ayats and wazifa told by our Molvi Wahid Ali Khan ji to create love between you and your spouse shall help soon.

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