Powerful Dua For Love Marriage In 3 Days – Dua For Love Marriage To Agree Parents In Urdu

Dua For Love Marriage 

Dua For Love Marriage 

Getting to spend your whole life with someone you love makes you the happiest person in the world. The feeling is eternal and invaluable. However, sometimes it is impossible to marry the person you love. In spite of trying several ways, you are not able to convince your parents for love marriage. Whatever the problem be like, you can surely marry the person of your choice by trying this dua for love marriage.

Strong Dua For Love Marriage in 3 days

Regardless of any reasons, you can surely succeed in getting your parent’s consent for love marriage by performing this strong and  powerful dua for love marriage in 3 days. With the help of this dua, you can see the result in just 3 days. Sometimes, the person you wish to marry is not ready for marriage and demands his time and space. Other times, when your lover is ready to take the relationship to the next level, your parents do not agree to your wish. They are totally against the idea of love marriage. You try several ways to convince them for marriage, but in vain. So, in order to convince them you must try this dua for love marriage.

Dua for Love marriage to agree parents in Urdu

Dua For Love Marriage in 3 days

Before proceeding with this dua, you need to put your trust and faith in the greatest Allah (swt). Allah Subhan Tallah will surely listen to your prayers and bless you with the love of your life forever.

The Dua for Love marriage to agree parents in Urdu is given below:

  • Start this Wazifa on a new moon night.
  • It must be done on Thursday.
  • Recite Surah Rahman for 11 times.
  • Now Recite Surah Fatiha for 11 times.
  • And Then Recite the 99 different names of Allah
  • Also recite the last two verses of Surah Baqarah for 7 times.
  • Surah Tauba last two verses.
  • Continue doing this till the goal is accomplished.

Dua Tarika For Love Marriage

You can also perform the following dua for love marriage.

After performing Namaz of Asar, read Darood Pak for 11 times

Then read ‘’Surah Al-Asr’’ for 101 times and pray to Allah(swt) to grant you the wish of getting married to the desired person.

Continue doing this amal for 21 days.

This dua is strong and effective and will change the perception of your parents for love marriage. Your parents will be agreed to your decision and you will succeed in marrying the love of your life. It is also bound to make your partner think about marriage. This dua will not just let you marry the person you love but also make your love marriage successful. Insha Allah, the dreams you had with your partner will be fulfilled and you will be able to cherish your married life.

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