Shadi Ke Liye Wazifa – Beti Ya Larki Ki Pasand Ki Shadi Ke liye Wazifa

Pasand ki Shadi Ke liye Wazifa

Marriage is important for everyone in their lives. It is all about staying happy with the one you love. If you have someone in your heart, then you cannot be loyal to another person. This is especially true for girls as they love only once someone dearly in their lives. In Islam, you have measures and remedies for every problem. So, if your daughter loves someone, then you can definitely go for the beti ki shadi ke liye wazifa and get her married to someone she wants to. Believe you me, nothing is more dearer to Allah (swt) than bringing a smile to an innocent heart and parents understanding the issues and troubles of their kid’s life.

Pasand ki Shadi Ke liye Wazifa

If you’re looking forward for help to get the right guidance for the beti ki shadi k liye wazifa, then you need to approach the Islamic astrologers. These astrologers have years of experience and the right knowledge to guide you to the right path by reciting the right dua for sheer acceptance of your daughter’s love in the eyes of Allah (swt). At times, girl face inconveniences in getting married to someone they love because of the backwardness of the society. However, Islam nowhere denies pasand ki shadi. It on the other hand, promotes pasand ki shadi in a legit way with the blessings of parents. With the larki ki shadi ke liye wazifa, you can get your daughter married to the particular person she adores.

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Larki Ki Shadi Ka Wazifa in Urdu

beti ki shadi ke liye wazifaIf the girl is infatuated to a person, and the parent knows that the boy is good and suitable for her, then they can readily perform the shadi k liye wazifa and get their daughter married to the love of her life. By offering the dua, you have all the chances to win the heart of the boy and get married to him. You do have some important pointers to follow for larki ki pasand ki shadi-

  • Make sure you pray the obligatory prayers of the day without fail
  • Make sure you’re clean at heart and soul
  • Recite Durood-e-Salam as much as possible
  • Make sure you do sadqa and khairat
  • Remember to recite the wazifa as directed by the Islamic astrologer without fail.

The daughter should recite:

After the obligatory prayer of the night, recite “Ya Jamiu” 1111 times

Do not forget to include Durood Shareef 11 times before and after the prayer.

The parents should recite:

  • Any of the parent of the girl side can recite it
  • After the Namaz-e-insha, the parent of the girl should recite “Ya Wadudo Ya Lateefu”
  • Do not forget to include Durood Shareef before and after the dua.
  • The wazifa needs to be performed for 41 days.

Apni Beti ki Shadi ke liye Wajib Wazifalarki ki shadi ke liye wazifa

If you’re really desperate to help your daughter and get her married to someone she adores, then it is not a difficult task. Once the wazifa is performed, you can speak to the boy and his family and you’ll see, soon they will give their consent for the marriage. The shadi ke liye wazifa is one of the simplest and most legit ways in Islam to get your daughter married. You will surely feel a sense of satisfaction in your heart seeing your daughter happy.

However, remember that you speak to an Islamic astrologer before proceeding with the wazifa for accurate guidance and advice. They will provide you with personalized approach for the larki ki shadi ke liye wazifa. So, it is always advisable that you speak to them via email, call or chat and get their suggestion for your case. Insha Allah you will see progress in no time!

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