Dushman Se Bachne Ki Dua, Wazifa aur Amal

Dushman Se Bachne Ki Dua in Urdu

Dushman se Bachne Ka Amal TotkaDespite all your good efforts and generous behavior, there are people who will be jealous of you and wish only bad. It may be due to any personal grudge or business rivalry. Remember, if your enemies are bad, they can make your life hell. Thus, you need the Dushman Se Bachne ki Dua. The dua can make your superior to your rivals and help you to stay safe from their evil deeds and other mishaps. When you know that you have enemies out there, then it gets very important for you to keep yourself secure from beforehand. With the Dushman se bachne ka wazifa, you can keep you and your family safe from the wicked thoughts of your enemies.

If your enemy has been troubling you a lot and you really wish to secure yourself and defeat him in his misdeeds, then you should recite the Dushman Se Bachne Ka Wazifa after the obligatory prayers of the day and seek help from Allah (SWT). The wazifa will weaken your enemy and make you capable of winning over them. The Dushman se bachne ka dua is given below; make sure you recite it after every namaz:

Allahumma munzilal-kitab, wa mujriyas-sahab,  wa hazimal-Ahzab, ihzimhum wansurna alaihim

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Dushman Se Bachne Ka Wazifa

If you feel that your enemy is planning to trouble you in a different way and you feel helpless in front of him/ her, then it is very important for you to go for Dushman se bachne ka wazifa. Remember only renowned and reputed astrologers can guide you through the process. Getting rid of enemies is very important and going the Islamic way is the best way to attain freedom from your Dushman. Once you come in contact with our professional Islamic specialist Wahid Ali Khan, you can explain your problems to them and get personalized help. With years of experience, they possess the right knowledge to guide you and bring you out of every trouble by the grace of Allah (SWT).

Once you get the apt Dushman se bachne ka wazifa, you will overpower your enemy and then they will be scared of you. The wazifa is very helpful in putting down your rivals. It will make your enemy worthless in front of you. The Dushman Se Bachne Ki dua is mentioned below:

Wa Khasha Atil Aswatu Lir- Rehmani Fala Tasma U Illa Hamsa

Make sure you recite the above-mentioned dua for 7 times after all 5 namaz of the day. Surely this Dushman se bachne ka wazifa will help you manage your enemies in the most efficient way.

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Dushman se Bachne ka Amal

Dushman Se Bachne Ki Dua and WazifaIt is obvious that you feel insecure in front of your enemies, but it is time that you make them feel insecure. The Dushman Se Bachne Ka Amal helps you get comfortable and relaxed in front of your enemies. It is surely the best solution to seek security from your enemies. The Dushman se bachne ka amal is mentioned below:

  • You can begin the amal at any time with a clean and small neem wood piece.
  • Before commencing the Dushman se bachne ka amal, make fresh ablution.
  • Sit in a clean place to perform the Dushman se bachne ka Amal.
  • Take a blank paper and write the name of your enemy along with the name of their mother.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • After that, recite Surah Kausar 11 times
  • Now, read Bismillah hirRa’hmaan nirRa’heem 1000 times.
  • Also, recite Darood Shareef again for 11 times
  • Blow it on the wooden piece.
  • When you have done the above thing, roll the paper on which you have written the name of your enemy on the neem wood.
  • Then plead in front of Allah to protect you from your rivals.
  • Keep the wooden piece rolled with paper at a place where no one sees it.

The best way to seek guidance for the amal is to speak to Islamic astrologer Molvi Wahid Ali Khan Ji. He is experienced enough in creating effective dua and wazifa prayers for the exact solution of the problem you may be facing. They will provide you with the Dushman se bachne ka amal.

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