Dua To Make Someone Fall in Love – Dua To Make Someone Agree With You

Dua To Make Someone fall in love You

Dua To Make Someone Fall in Love With You

Falling in love is a natural feeling. It can come to anybody for anyone at any point of time. It is difficult to resist the feelings for the one you love. You spend your days thinking about him day and night and wonder whether that person also loves you or not. If you love someone and desire to get his love then you can try this dua to make someone fall in love with you. He will love you whole heartedly and you can see your future together. This dua will confide love and respect in the relationship and build mutual trust between the partners.

Dua To Make Someone Listen You

Sometimes, you are lucky enough to get the same love back from your lover. But to sustain the relationship, there should be mutual understanding between the partners. With the passage of time, you tend to realize that there is no match between you and your partner. He might not be willing to listen to you or agree to you on certain things. You feel trapped or detached. But there is a way out for your problems with the help of this dua to make someone listen you.

Dua To Make Someone Agree With and Obey You

Before performing the dua to make someone agree with you, you need to have full faith in Allah (swt) and believe in him. He will surely answer your prayers and soon you will be able to enjoy your love life. Insha Allah your partner will love you and agree to you on your choices and you both can live peacefully.

You can recite the following dua to make someone obey you and listen to you.

Recite Surah Fatiha

The dua to make someone obey you in Urdu is taken from the Quran Shareef is given below:

إِنَّ اللَّهَ يُسْمِعُ مَن يَشَاءُ

Inna ALLAHA Yus Meeu’ Mann Yaa shaoo

Dua To Make Someone Obey You

Dua To Make Someone Obey You

Recite the following dua to make someone love you


Bismillahir- Rahmaanir- Raheem,

Yaa Ghiyyasal Mustagheeseen.

  • Commence with this dua on a Friday night and wear clean clothes.
  • While reciting, sit on a woolen cloth and recite this for 320 times.
  • After reciting this dua, burn incense sticks, now again recite the dua for 570 times.

Dua To Make Someone Agree To You

With the dua to make someone agree to you and obey you, you will acquire a special place in your beloved’s heart. He will be bound to listen to you and agree with you on all your decisions. You will share a common ground on thinking and understanding each other. Your partner will respect you and the relationship shall be build upon mutual trust and understanding. Those parents whose children are not obeying you or listening to you, you can also recite this dua. Your children will obey you and pay respect to you. You will not be troubled anymore.

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