Islamic Dua for Protection from Evil Eye, Fitnah, Jinn and Shaytan

dua for protection from evil eye

Dua for Protection from Shaytan

In the holy Quran, it is mentioned that shaytan is the biggest enemy of humans. Shaytan whispers in people’s heart and lead them to the path of hell. His main aim is to misguide people from the right path. Shaytan can take any form either of an animal or any person just to take you towards the wrong path. Shaytan has the power to control human mind especially of those people who are mentally and physically weak. Shaytan also disturbs people during prayer so that he can separate the believer from Allah (swt). Therefore you need dua for protection from shaytan. If you recite this dua, shaytan will not be able to harm you or misguide you in any way.

Dua for Protection from Evil Eye

dua for protection from evil eyeSome people don’t believe in evil but that doesn’t mean evil don’t exist. In fact evil can be anywhere around you and he can do anything with you. Only with spiritual power, one can fight with evils. Your physical power is of no use when it comes to fighting with shaytan or evil. If evil spirits are troubling you or any of your family members then you should recite dua for protection from evil eye.

Evil eye refers to when someone harms you with his eye and evil activities. It begins when a person keeps on staring at an abject or anything out of his jealousy. This is a really a bad thing people do. Jealousy is what leads humans to the gate of hell. In fact it completely destroys them. Dua for protection from evil eye can help you get rid of evil things and it protects you completely from evil eye no matter how strong it is.

Evil eye mostly comes from the people who have a tendency to feel jealous of what other people have. Such people are never satisfied of what they already have and they always urge for more and more things. You can seek refuge from such envious people and from their evil eye by reciting dua for protection from shaytan. This dua will provide you protection against all those who think bad about you and do bad things to harm you. It will also protect you from bad people who misguide you.

Dua for Protection from Fitnah

dua for protection for fitnahThere is also one dua known as dua for protection from fitnah that helps you in getting rid of your enemies. This dua is effective in removing all types of fitnah. Whenever you feel that you are surrounded by your enemies from all around then you should recite dua for protection from fitnah which is given below-

“ I seek refuge in Allah from trials, overt and covert.”

With just a single line dua, you can make yourself free from fitnah. Then you can live peacefully at your place and there would be nothing to trouble you. All those who have planned to harm you will be destroyed or they will go far away from you.

Dua for Protection From Jinn

Some people are also afraid of Jinns as they thought jinns are evil spirits but they are actually not. Allah (swt) is the creator of Jinns as he is the one who created humans and animals and plants also. Just like humans have their family and live at a place similarly jinns also have a family and they live in the same world where humans live but the difference is that jinns can’t be seen by humans as they are made up of fire. But jinns can control humans. Dua for protection from jinn can help you if you or any of your family members is possessed by jinn. This dua will protect you from jinns and it will also help you get rid of their possession.

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