Dua For Good Health for Child or Newborn Baby

dua for good health for child

Dua For Good Health Of Newborn Baby

if your child is suffering from any illness then you must recite the dua for good health for child. He will recover from the illness soon and stay healthy. When the child grows, he needs good food and the environment to grow. But sometimes, the child is unable to develop and grow properly due to poor diet, and fatigue. The parents are concerned about the health of their children but fail to understand the causes of poor health. The child suffers and lacks concentration in studies. This has resulted in poor results in exams. So, as a parent, if you are concerned about their well-being then you can recite the dua for good health for child.

The health of a newborn baby is very fragile. It needs proper care and nourishment. Sometimes, the mothers take a lot of care to bear the child but still, the child suffers from some or other ailments. Even the doctors fail to diagnose the illness and cure the child. The parents go for various treatments and spend huge amounts of money on the good health of the child but the child is not able to recover.In such situations, the mothers can read the dua for good health of newborn baby.

Dua For Child Protection

For the protection of your child against all the illness, You can recite the dua for child protection. Before reciting the dua, have faith in Allah (SWT) to make the dua work. Allah Talah will surely protect your child against all the evil eyes and illnesses. Your child will be healthy and strong. He will be able to concentrate on his studies and perform well in his exams.

Dua For Health For Child 

If you feel that someone has cast his evil eyes upon your child, then you can recite the dua for good health of newborn baby. This dua will protect your child from evil eyes and your child will be born healthy and fit.

  • Recite Surah Al-Fatiha, Al ikhlaas,surah falak ,surah naas ,ayatul kursi.
  • After this recite Durood Shareef as many times as u can.

Wa yashfi sudoora qawmim mu’mineen

  • And He will soothe the bosoms of those who believe
  • After this recite SURAH AT-TAUBAH ,VERSE 14
  • Reciting al-Faatihah will save your child from ailments and diseases and boost his immunity system.

Strong Dua For Good Health For Child

This dua is strong and powerful and protect your child from all the negative influences and diseases. Pregnant mothers can recite this dua for good health for child  and see the results. Your child will be born healthy and fine. The greatest almighty Allah will surely bless the child and remove all the pains and sufferings to bear the child.

In case, if the dua for good health for child do not show the results, then you can contact our Islamic Astrologer. He will provide you the best dua and wazifa to cure the child and protect the child from all the illnesses.

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