Islamic Dua For Family Happiness And  Peace – Islamic Dua For Family Problems

Dua For Happiness Of Family

Dua For Family Happiness

The happiness of a person depends upon the happiness of its family members. It is therefore very important to ensure the happiness of your family. A happy family is the one where people eat together and share their joys and sorrows. A person can easily get success if he has the support of his family members. He or she gets disturbed easily if their family life is disturbed. Therefore, it is important to seek help from dua for family happiness to ensure peace and happiness in your family.

Dua For Peace Happiness

If the family members constantly fight with each other and easily gets involved in disputes or conflicts, then you may recite the dua for peace happiness. The family members will be united and will never fight with each other. There will be mutual trust and love among them and will support each other. With the dua for peace happiness, the lost happiness and peace of the family will come back. The family members will love and care for each other. If you feel that someone has casted their evil eyes over your family, then you can recite the dua for peace happiness.

Islamic Dua For Family Problems

The strong dua for family problems is very effective in eliminating all the misunderstandings and negative influences in your family. Keep faith in Allah (swt) during recite the strong dua for family problems. He will protect your family against evil eyes and remove all kinds of problems arising in your family. Insha Allah there will be peace and unity in your family.

Dua For Happiness Of Family

You can recite the below given dua for happiness of family:

“Allaahumma Innee asalukal-aafiyata fid-dunyaa wal-aakhirah, allaahumma innee asalukal-aafiyata fee denee wa dunyaaya, Wa ahlee wa maalee, allaahumma-satur awraatee wa aamir raw aatee, allaahumma-hafaznee mimbayni yadayya wa min Khalfee, Wa ay-yameenee wa shimaalee, wamin fawqee, wa auudu bi-azamatika an ughtaala min tahtee”

Powerful Qurani Dua For Peace Happiness

Dua For family peace

You can also recite the following dua for peace happiness. The verses of this dua are very powerful in bringing peace and love in your family.

Read Surah Fatiha with Aaujubillah and Bismillah once

After this read Surah Ekhlash( kul hu allahu ahad) with Bismillah for three times

Read Surah Falaq with Bismillah for one time.

After this read Surah Nas with Bismillah for one time

Read Haqqani Darood Sharif thrice

Recite Doa & Monazat in 6 sentences

Read Haqqani Darood Sharif for once in the end.

Ice a change in your family. If your family members are constantly falling ill then this dua will bestow them good health, wealth and happiness.

If your family is unnecessarily involved in disputes and quarrels, then you can recite the powerful dua for peace happiness. In case you are not able to get effective results then you can consult our Khadim Wahid Ali Khan Ji. He will give you the Qurani Dua for family happiness and provide you the best solution to solve all your family problems.

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