Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick – Dua for Enemy Death

Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick – Dua for Enemy Death
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Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick

Wazifa To Make Enemy SickWhether any person believes in wazifa or does not believe in it but in reality wazifa is one of the best solutions for any problem. Islam has solution for every problem whether it is marriage problem or finance problem etc.  Even, if someone wants to curse his or her enemy he can also perform wazifa for that. There is both wazifa and dua by which you can make your enemy sick or curse him.
By cursing your enemy, you can make your family safe from your enemy. How to perform wazifa to make enemy sick?

  • The person can perform this wazifa any day he wants.
  • He should make fresh wuzu.
  • After reading fazr namaz he should read surah alam nashrah (سورہ عالم نوشہ) in the rakat one after reading surah fateha (سورہ فاٹا)
  • And in the rakat two he should read surah al fil (ال فل سورہ ) after reading surah fateha.
  • When you are reading nafil namaz you should imagine your enemy.
  • And after the namaz is completed you need to make dua to make your enemy sick.
  • After performing this wazifa wait for some days. After few days your enemy will become sick.

Wazifa For Death of Enemy

You can repeat the wazifa again, if you are not able to wait. This is how you can perform wazifa to make enemy sick. Similarly, there is another wazifa that can be used by a person for killing his enemy to protect himself and his family. This Wazifa is known as wazifa for death of enemy. If a person has an enemy and he has tried everything to get rid of that enemy but nothing is working in his favor and there is a possibility that your life or your family and kids life might be in danger because of your enemy. So, in that situation the person is left with no option except for wishing to the death of his enemy. Murder is a crime but you can always pray to ALLAH SWT to destroy your enemies. You can use this wazifa for death of enemy for praying for the instant death of your enemy.

Dua For Death of Enemy

Dua For Death of EnemyIt is not necessary to practice wazifa for death, you should visit our alim sahib first and tell him about your situation. The type of enmity you are facing and what kind of wazifa is suitable for you. If approved, then you can make dua for death of enemy. By praying or making a dua for death of enemy, you can ask Allah to instantly destroy your enemy by giving him death.

A wazifa for requesting someone’s death is very powerful therefore, only when you are certain about the fact that your enemy is after your life and is always trying to harm you or kill you, and then you should practice it. Don’t be scared of your enemy, practice the wazifa to get rid of your enemy. In Sha Allah, you will under the protection of Allah Subhan Wss Taalah. For any other details you can contact us anytime.

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