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Strong Wazifa and Dua To Get Rid of Enemies and Destroy Enemy Immediately

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Dua To Get Rid of Enemies in Islam

Today, almost everyone of has a few enemies. Some are harmless and some are dangerous. Some of the enemies are so dangerous that they can even kill you or can kill or harm any of your family members. You need not to worry about such evil people; Allah subhan wa taalah is here to protect you. You just need to make a prayer or a strong dua to get rid of enemies. By praying to Allah swt and making dua to get rid of enemies, you can protect yourself and your near and dear ones and destroy your enemy, in the process.dua to get rid of enemies

Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately

If you want to destroy your enemy immediately there is a dua to destroy enemy immediately. You can also practice the wazifa to destroy someone along with this dua. This dua to destroy enemy immediately is – Allahumma innaa nuja luka fee nuh oorihim wa nu odhubika min shuroorihim.

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ألهوما إنا نوجا لوكا فيو نوه أوريهيم وا نو أودهوبيكا مين شوروريهيم.

How To Perform Wazifa To Destroy Enemy 

How to perform wazifa to destroy someone?

  • First, the person should read Surah Lahab 1000 times for ten days.
  • Do not read Bismillah or Darood or Salavat in this wazifa.
  • Now, read the above given dua to destroy enemy immediately. After this wazifa is completed, your enemy will be destroyed in ten days by Allah Pak.

If you want to destroy someone then dua is the best way to do that. By this way, you can take your revenge from your enemy. You should perform this wazifa under the guidance of Islamic professionals. By the wazifa, you can fulfill your desire of annihilating your enemy. Sometimes, there is also a fight between rich and poor person. The person who is rich creates lot of trouble for the poor one then that poor person doesn’t needs to worry he can use this wazifa to get rid of his rich enemy.

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Strong Wazifa To Destroy Your Enemy

There is a very strong wazifa to destroy enemy. Today, lots of people are using this wazifa for destroying their enemy. This is how you can perform this strong wazifa to destroy enemy-

  1. First of all, the person who is performing this wazifa should make fresh wuzu.
  2. Then he should fix a certain time in a day. And each day perform the wazifa on the same time.
  3. While performing this wazifa he should sit on a clean mat.
  4. Then the person should recite Surah Yaseen twenty nine times. And while reading he should think about his enemy.
  5. Then pray to Allah Pak with a pure heart. In sha Allah your enemy will be destroyed.
  6. The person needs to do this wazifa for ten days.
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If a person is nice and genuine he will never fight but if a person is bad only then he will fight over stupid reasons. In order to teach your enemy a lesson, you can use our wazifa for cursing your enemy. For any information on wazifa and easy ways of dua to get rid of enemies, you can contact us.

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