Dua To Keep Love Alive

Islamic Dua To Keep Spark of Love Alive in Love Marriage

Islamic Dua To Keep Spark of Love Alive in Love Marriage
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Dua To Keep Love Alive in Love Marriage

If you not happy with your married life or your partner does not love you anymore then you may recite the dua to keep love alive. The Islamic dua will keep the love alive in marriage and revive happiness and fulfillment.

 Marriage is a very sacred occasion. It ties the couple in promises with each other and reminds them to spend their lives together. Each of the partners commit of sharing their joys and sorrows together and helping each other forever. The Islam considers marriage as the satisfaction of mental, physical and emotional needs of two persons.

The first couple of months after marriage are full of enjoyment and excitement. Each couple pursues their dreams of supporting each other in their goals and ambitions. But soon, the honeymoon phase disappears and the reality comes into picture. The husband and wife get busy in their daily routines and the love gets fizzle out. The wife as usual carries out her homely tasks and the husband comes late home from work. The excitement and enthusiasm is totally lost and the couple just lives for the sake of their children and marriage.

Dua To Keep Spark of Love Alive in Love Marriage

Dua To Keep Spark of Love Alive in Love Marriage

The Islamic dua contains the solutions for all the problems related to marriage and life. Every woman wants to be loved by her husband and it is her sole right. This dua to keep spark of love alive in marriage is very effective and reliable in maintaining the love and compassion between the couples. Marriage comes with a package of responsibility. The couple has to fulfill the basic needs of the family to sustain the marriage. They keep on fulfilling the needs of the family and forget about their own lives.

Of both the partners, the wife is usually the one who suffers from this. She finds herself becoming a slave in meeting the expectations of both her husband and his family. She feels tortured day by day and the conditions worsen. Sometimes, the couple wants to love each other but there are some reasons due to which they are not able to express their love for each other.

Islamic Dua To Keep Love Alive in Love Marriage

There are factors like stress from work, tensions, fears and insecurities which occupy the minds of both the partners and destroy the relationship. Sometimes, these situations aggravate to such an extent that it leads to divorce or the dissolution of a relationship.

However, you need not lose hope, as you can contact our Khadim Wahid Ali Khan Saheb for the Islamic dua to keep love alive in marriage. He will guide in providing the best solution of all your marriage related problems. By his guidance and solution, you can revive your love in the relationship again and keep the love alive in the marriage. Allah Subhan Talah will surely bring happiness and harmony in your relationship. Insha Allah you can start your relationship all over again with the love and trust of your partner.

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